Payday Advance (Bad Credit Loan)
If you run out of cash inbetween paydays then a Bad Credit Loan from Payday Advance could give you the extra cash you need to see you through for up to 4 weeks. You can borrow more money each time you return to Payday Advance. Apply online in just a few minutes. Use the online Payday Advance Calculator.
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Lender/Broker: Broker
1. Borrow up to $500 and then up to $750 for returning customers!
2. Apply online in just a couple of minutes.
3. Choose between credit/no credit check.
4. Apply and start earning cash rewards.
5. Choose between paying in full or paying in six easy principal and interest installments.
6. Save money on bank fees
7. Maintain your relationship with your bank
8. Pay your bills on time so you donít lose on time payment discounts
9. Provide cash for emergency expenses
10. Maintain your relationship with your creditors by paying bills
1. If you choose 'credit check' the interest rate will be 20% more due to higher application fees etc.
2. Only up to $500 for first timers.
3.The maximum payday loan is limited to a percentage of your average pay packet.
Rewards service: You can earn cash rewards points by applying.

APR: Use online calculatorLoan Amount: $100-$500
Min Term: 1 WeekMax Term: 4 Weeks

Secured Loan: NoUnsecured Loan: Yes

Terms and Conditions:
Once you have built up your credit history with Payday Advance they will let you borrow more.
Proof of employment/income.
For anyone looking for a bad credit cash advance.
1.You must receieve a regular fixed income wage or salary that is direct credited to your bank account.
2.The maximum payday loan is limited to a percentage of your average pay packet.

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