Loans 2 Go (Consolidation Loan)
Are your finances getting out of control? Are you juggling credit card debt, HP payments, car loans and other loan repayments? A Loans 2 Go Debt Consolidation loan combines all your monthly payments into one regular payment, giving you one easy way to streamline your debt. Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions of this debt consolidation loan throughly so that you can be certain that you understand your financial responsibilities. Remember a consolidation loan may be more expensive than paying back your debts as they are.
Lender/Broker: Broker
1. One easy way to streamline your debts
2. Get your finances back on track
3. Flexible and convenient
1. South Island Only (excludes Auckland)
2. You need to be 21 years or older.
3. Unable to lend to anyone who is currently bankrupt or who has recently filed a ‘No Asset Procedure’
4.They only offer SECURED loans
5. You should have a reasonable credit history.
6. You must be able to make the payments on your loan. ·
7. You must be (or have guarantors who are) a NZ Resident or NZ Citizen.
Fast approval service-just 90 minutes after your loan has been processed!

APR: VariesLoan Amount: $400 -$20,000
Min Term: 1 MonthMax Term: 5 Years

Secured Loan: YesUnsecured Loan: No

Terms and Conditions:
Loan payments start from $15 per week.
Bank Statement/Proof of address/ Driver’s Licence/Passport/Current phone number/Registration of cars being used as security.
If you have bad credit
Only offer secured loans. Assets being listed as security may belong to you, a co-borrower or your guarantor.

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