AFEX Corporate Services (Foreign Exchange Corporate)
AFEX offers a comprehensive range of international payment and foreign exchange services, including foreign currency drafts, wire transfers, risk management tools and designated corporate account managers. AFEX can handle every aspect of a client’s foreign payment needs, from risk consultation to to transaction execution. If you have any questions or queries complete the enquiry form and a foreign exchange broker will contact you to explain.
Credit Rating: N/A
Location: New Zealand,, Australia, USA, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Malta, Singapore
Languages: All local langauges
1. Online spot and forward transactions
2. Multiple levels of security
3. Payment confirmations sent to beneficiary
4. Multi-user options with separate approval levels
5. Daily market updates
6. Access to detailed transaction history
7. Competitive Exchange Rates & low transfer fees!
8. Dedicated RG146 Accredited Foreign Exchange Specialist!
9. Rapid delivery of funds with NO INTERMEDIARY FEES!
10. 24 hour trading & cash management/ treasury facilities
1. Certified ID required for Private Clients
2. Minimum of 10k AUD on Exotic currencies
3. No Direct Debit Facility in NZ
1. Spot Transactions
2. Forward Contracts
3. Speculative Trading

Established: 1979 ASIC 305246, ABN 85119392586
Spread/Margin: 0.1%-0.7%
Costs/Fees: $10 under 10k
Rate Improved With Volume: No
Transfer Methods: WIRE, BPAY, Direct Debit, Cheque
Transfer Speed: Same day
Transfer Minimum: $5000

Trading Opening Times:
24 hours Because of our global position we are available throughout all trading hours in each region which all of our clients have access too.
Banking Facilities:
We have various banking relationships across the globe, some spanning 30 years – all of our currency accounts are held in the local countries to assist with speed of transaction and transparency.
Yes 10% deposit required
Options will be launched in Australia in Q1 2012
Financial Advisory Service:
Only in the UK which is AFEX Markets
Regular Payments:
Online Trading Platform: No
Speculative Trading:
Currency Converter: No

Security Statement:
See website for details
Terms and Conditions:
See website for details

Number Of Currencies: 81
Currencies Available:
1. AED
2. ARS
3. AUD
4. BDT
5. BGN
6. BHD
7. BOB
8. BRL
9. BWP
10. CAD
11. CHF
12. CLP
13. CNY
14. COP
15. CRC
16. CZK
17. DJF
18. DKK
19. DOP
20. DZD
21. EEK
22. EGP
23. ETB
24. EUR
25. FJD
26. GBP
27. NOK
28. GHS
29. GNF
30. GTQ
31. HKD
32. HRK
33. HTG
34. HUF
35. IDR
36. ILS
37. INR
38. JOD
39. JPY
40. KES
41. KRW
42. KWD
43. LKR
44. LTL
45. LVL
46. MAD
47. MGA
48. MUR
49. MWK
50. MXN
51. MYR
52. MZN
53. NGN
54. NOK
55. OMR
56. PEN
57. PGK
58. PHP
59. PKR
60. PLN
61. PYG
62. QAR
63. RON
64. RUB
65. SAR
66. SEK
67. SGD
68. SKK
69. THB
70. TND
71. TRY
72. TWD
73. TZS
74. UAH
75. UGX
76. USD
78. XOF
79. XPF
80. ZAR
81. ZMK
AFEX Corporate Services (Which Way To Pay NZ - 2/8/2013)
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4 Star Rating

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AFEX Corporate Services
AFEX Corporate Services