Welcome to our Currency Exchange area. If you are looking to transfer money overseas then we can help you find the cheapest and most efficient money transfer services available. Whether you are a private or corporate individual the foreign exchange specialists listed can help you with your international money transfer needs. Remittance services are also available.


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Whether you need a quick and easy way to send money to a friend abroad, or you are seeking the best way to set up a regular international transfer, there are plenty of methods available. On Which Way To Pay New Zealand you can find unbeatable exchange rates, the most qualified foreign exchange specialists and a way of sending money around the globe without paying unnecessary extras such as commission. Dependent on your transfer requirements, you can find various options listed below.

Foreign Currency Exchange for Private Clients

If you are looking for the best way for your company to transfer money abroad then a corporate foreign exchange specialist will be able to help you. Corporate foreign exchange brokers are specialists in the field of international money transfer and their foreign exchange experts will work hard to ensure that you get the best exchange rates and the most efficient transfer possible. No matter what your reason for making a corporate money transfer, paying international wages, international bills or simply making foreign purchases, foreign exchange specialists can advise you on the best money transfer strategy.

With a corporate foreign exchange specialist you will assigned your own personal corporate foreign exchange broker who will make it their business to understand your business so that they can work out the best way for you to transfer your money. With a corporate foreign exchange specialist you should never have to deal with a call centre and you can rest assured that the company transferring your money is properly regulated.

Foreign Currency Exchange for Corporate Clients

Many businesses need to send or receive money to/from overseas. This could be for foreign investments, import/export of goods and services, payment of employees based abroad or purely for currency exchange investment purposes. Regardless of the size of your business, a foreign exchange specialist can offer the best exchange rates (within 1% and 3% of the Interbank spot rate) and a personal service. Send money to almost any global destination with a fast transfer that doesnt cost anything and avoid annoying call centres. You will be able to reach your personal broker via the telephone or email to set up transfers anytime.

In addition, your transfers can be tailored to your firms needs; bring risk down to a minimum with high-tech currency options, hedging strategies and a range of spot rates and forward contracts. No matter if you need to send $5,000 or $500 million the experienced services listed on Which Way To Pay New Zealand can help you to protect your bottom line.

Money Transfer Online for Smaller Transfers

Need to send a smaller amount to another currency/country? You may want to send money to a friend or family overseas but what is the cheapest and most efficient way of going about this? Before you head for your nearest bank, consider the services listed on Which Way To Pay New Zealand. You can benefit from extremely good exchange rates and a range of transfer methods, to suit every need. From online to bank-to-bank transfers, choose the method that suits you and your recipient the best.

If you need to money transfer an amount of around $3,000 and above then you might prefer the services of a foreign currency specialist. This is because they are the most highly qualified in the field of global currency and can offer even better rates. View their services in our Foreign Exchange Private section.


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