Get home insurance now to protect all you have

30 April 2013 - Mark Maffia

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Get home insurance now to protect all you have


Home insurance basically protects all your belongings. It is not easy to imagine what would happen if, for example, a fire destroys the entire contents of your home and maybe your whole house – and actually who wants to imagine this?   It also could be flooding, an explosion, burglary or vandalism or other causes which easily can mean the loss of part or all of your earthly goods.  

Knowing this, it is all the more astonishing to hear that many people have not thought about protecting their home with a home insurance policy.

Who needs home insurance protection?

No matter what kind of lifestyle you have and what type of home you live in, unforeseen events can happen to everybody at any time, and it could be a financial disaster to have to replace everything you ever owned. This is why there is nobody who should be without home insurance.

What does home insurance protect?

Home insurance covers damage to one's home which has been caused by outside events like the ones mentioned above.  It protects the house as well as its contents, and depending on the policy, also outbuildings, swimming pools and more.

Is there anything home insurance does not cover?

There are certain things which are not covered in a conventional home insurance policy.   Usually this applies to valuables like jewellery and works of art, for which an expanded or special policy has to be taken out.

How do I find the best home insurance?

What kind of home insurance policy suits your needs best depends on different factors, but the most important decision before taking it out is to work out exactly how much your home and its contents are worth.   If the insurance sum is estimated too low, only part of your belongings can be replaced if the worst has happened.   Equally, estimating too high is not advisable because it would mean paying too much every month for your home insurance.

Where to find the best home insurance policy

Have a look here and see what tariff suits you best, look at the fees and conditions and then click on “apply”




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