Reward Credit Cards – Benefits of a Normal CC Plus some...!

06 September 2011 - Which Way to Pay

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Reward Credit Cards – Benefits of a Normal CC Plus some...!

Believe it or not, you can get rewards without changing your spending habits. A rewards credit card offers a scheme whereby you can earn points as you spend which are redeemable for rewards like fuel. The more you spend, the more reward points you will collect.

Many think negatively regarding credit cards believing that they tempt you to spend money you don’t have and therefore result in debt. This is not true if you are sensible with your finances, and they have many advantages over debit cards that can come in very useful. Here are some of the pros of having a credit card:

  1. Many credit cards automatically insure your online purchases in case of fraud, damage and other eventualities.
  2. Credit cards let you pay for expensive purchases in small monthly instalments, meaning you can afford to buy things without taking out loans.
  3. The rate of interest on credit cards in a lot lower than on loans, interest only being paid on your remaining debt, not on the whole loan amount, meaning it’s a good way to borrow money.

A rewards credit card has all the competitive features of a normal credit card as highlighted above as well as the ability to earn points when you spend! Many credit cards have reward schemes that allow you to collect air miles or points towards shops you shop in regularly and even discounts on holidays!



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