Reward credit cards an easy way to some extras

29 May 2013 - Mark Maffia

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Reward credit cards an easy way to some extras

A reward credit card is a traditional credit card with extra benefits

You can use a reward credit card like any other normal credit card. You can pay with it in shops, restaurants and of course on the Internet, you can rent cars and events and use it at cash machines round the globe.

The difference of a reward credit card

To put it simply, the difference of the reward credit card is its rewards.    Every time you make a payment with the reward credit card you take part in the reward program and, depending on the card, earn different bonus points that you can later redeem against discounts in hotels or shops, spend them in air miles, or even earn cash back. Other rewards could be cinema tickets, discounts at petrol stations and much more.    The more you spend, the more reward you earn.

Are there disadvantages?

There are no real disadvantages connected to a reward credit card, but one should consider whether it is worthwhile.    If one doesn't spend much money with one's credit card, a reward credit card does not make much sense, as it is usually a little more expensive than other credit cards, and is only beneficial if one spends enough money to earn points worth more than the annual fee.

But one also should make sure that the discounts and offers connected to the reward credit card really suit one's own needs. There is, for example, no point in being able to earn discounts at petrol station if one doesn't own a car.

How to choose your reward credit card

Have a look and compare here the different offers, and find out which rewards are the most attractive for you.    Applying for your reward credit card can be done directly online in a few simple steps.




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