Travel Insurance Its More Than Lost Baggage!

26 August 2011 - Which Way to Pay

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Travel Insurance Its More Than Lost Baggage!

When caught up with holiday fever we can sideline the more banal yet essential task of arranging travel insurance. With the price of living on the increase it is more important than ever to safeguard against financial losses. Be it cancellation or curtailment, illness or injury, lost baggage or theft, finding a policy that suits your trip can give invaluable peace of mind.

In the past, travel insurance has had a bad name, generally perceived as an unnecessary add-on that travel agents dared not mention at the risk of losing a deal. This is no longer the case! Every savvy traveller knows it is an essential item in the holiday package; neglecting to take out travel insurance runs the risk of ruining a trip and severely damaging your wallet! Travel insurance is after all protecting those things most dear: possessions, health and safety.

Annual travel insurance is a worthwhile investment if you are a frequent traveller. There are no limits to how often you can travel on the same yearly policy. That said, some notable limitations exist; regions known as war zones are not covered and most policies have a maximum trip duration for which the traveller is insured. If your trip extends beyond 31 days, most basic polices will no longer cover you so you are advised to contact your insurance provider in advance to extend cover.

One common area of confusion is trip curtailment cover. If you are fully covered you will protected if you cannot finish your trip on schedule, in which case any additional costs will be covered and the value of the unused portion of the trip should be reimbursed depending on the severity of the grounds of holiday cancellation. Although frequently thought of as an unnecessary addition, without curtailment cover you risk astronomical expense should you need to come home early!



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