Travel insurance – a must for peace of mind abroad

11 April 2013 - Mark Maffia

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Travel insurance – a must for peace of mind abroad

Travel insurance covers you for any unforeseen event which might happen during any journey. Taking out a travel insurance policy should be part of travel preparation for everybody.

For whom is travel insurance suitable?

It does not matter if you just go on holiday once a year or if you travel regularly, maybe visiting relatives abroad or on business. Policies are available for single people or for the whole family.

What does travel insurance cover for?

There are various things which can go wrong during a journey. This can be for instance an unexpected illness which needs urgent medical care and treatment, which also applies to an accident. If you're the holder of a good travel insurance policy you know that everything necessary for your recovery will be done and paid for.

If any medical situation does not allow you to travel home, the travel insurance will pay for prolonged stay or possibly an air-ambulance back home.

If during the journey luggage or maybe a laptop or camera get lost or stolen, travel insurance will replace the loss, and if luggage arrives late you can buy everything you need until it comes.

But this is not all, because with travel insurance you also are covered if you unexpectedly cannot travel at all. They won't be able to cover for the disappointment of missed holidays but at least you don't lose any money having to pay cancellation fees.

What else can travel insurance cover for?

Travel insurance will help you for many problems while you are away offering help lines and support round-the-clock, like helping if your passport, travel documents or car keys are lost, and help with looking for a doctor. This can be particularly useful if you don't speak the local language.


Different policies for different needs

A variety of levels of travel insurance can be taken out. This can be just standard policy, or special covers if you, for example, plan adventures which include risks, and special covers if for example your airline or tour operator experience problems. You also can include personal liability and legal expenses. Travel insurance can be taken out for one single journey or for regular travelers.

How much does travel insurance cost?

How much you will have to pay depends on the level you take out, but also if you have an existing medical condition, plan to take part in risky sport activities or are over 65.

How does one find the best travel insurance policy?

The best way to find travel insurance, which exactly fits one's needs is to first compare different insurance companies and to check their offers and their fees, charges and conditions.

Just click here to look at a variety of travel insurances and continue to “apply” to take out travel insurance directly from here.



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