International Foreign Exchange (Foreign Exchange)
International Foreign Exchange is here to help you achieve the best possible rate of exchange in the quickest possible time. This leading foreign exchange company is regulated by the FSA helping you out with not only foreign currency exchange but also money transfer services. They do their upmost to make sure their clients are unaffected by currency fluctuations.
Location: UK 504007
1. Fixed margin between 0.1%-0.9% depending on size of transaction.
2. Large buyers of currency which enables us to achieve tighter rates from our bank.
3. One point of contact throughout your transaction process keeping you informed of market. movements and working with you to achieve the maximum rate within your timescales.
4. Prepaid currency card available to all IFX customers.
5. Free registration with no obligation to trade.
6. Able to offer no receiving bank charges
7. All client funds are held in a segregated account with our banking partner Barclays.
8. Daily market reports available on request.
1. Longer registration process no non UK residents.
1. Regular Payments.
2. Forward Contract.
3. Spot Contracts.
4. Limit Orders.
5. Stop Loss.

Established: 2005 FSA 504007
Spread/Margin: 0.1-0.9%
Costs/Fees: $0 above $1000
Rate Improved With Volume: Yes
Transfer Methods: UK bank to foreign bank or vice versa.
Transfer Speed: Same day EUR, USD & CAD. Other currencies 24 hours.
Transfer Minimum: $1000
Trust Accounts: BARCLAYS Trust Accounts

Online Trading Platform: No
Currency Converter: No

A forward contract allows you to book the rate as it is today for delivery at a future date thus protecting you against currency fluctuations. This option will allow you to budget how much the future transfer will cost you today! You can fix an exchange rate for up to two years in advance, with the option to draw on these funds at any time. We will require a 10% deposit with the remainder payable on the contract maturity date.
Regular Payments:
If you need to make regular payments overseas the IFX Regular Payment Plan (RRP) will eliminate the stress and workload of organising regular currency transfers, and save you money.
This is service is ideal for:
1. Overseas mortgage payments.
2. Pension transfers.
3. Cost of living expenses.
4. Property maintenance.
5. School fees.
Security Statement:
See website for details.
Terms and Conditions:
See website for details.

Number Of Currencies: 50
Currencies Available:
1. Bahrain BHD Dinars.
2. Botswana BWP Pulas.
3. Bulgaria BGN Leva.
4. Croatia HRK Kuna.
5. Czech Republic CZK Koruny.
6. Ecuador USD US Dollar.
7. Egypt EGP Pound.
8. Estonia EEK Krooni.
9. Euro EUR.
10. Fiji FJD Dollars.
11. Ghana GHS Cedi.
12. Hong Kong HKD Hong Kong Dollar.
13. Hungary HUF Forints.
14. India INR Rupee.
15. Israel ILS New Shekels.
16. Jordan JOD Dinars.
17. Kazakhstan KZT Tenge.
18. Kenya KES Shilling.
19. Kuwait KWD Dinars.
20. Latvia LVL Lati.
21. Lesotho LSL Maloti.
22. Lithuania LTL Litai.
23. Madagascar MGA Ariary.
24. Malawi MWK Kwacha.
25. Mexico MXN Pesos.
26. Morocco MAD Dirhams.
27. Nigeria NGN Nairas.
28. Oman OMR Rials.
29. Pakistan PKR Rupee.
30. Philippines PHP Peso.
31. Poland PLN Zloty.
32. Qatar QAR Rials.
33. Romania RON New Lei.
34. Russia RUB Rubles.
35. Saudi Arabia SAR Riyals.
36. Serbia RSD Dinars.
37. Singapore SGD Dollars.
38. Slovakia SKK Koruny.
39. South Africa ZAR Rand.
40. Sri Lanka LKR Rupee.
41. Switzerland CHF Swiss Franc.
42. Tanzania TZS Shilling.
43. Thailand THB Baht.
44. Tunisia TND Dinars.
45. Turkey TRY New Lira.
46. UAE AED Dirhams.
47. USD USD Dollars.
48. Uganda UGX New Shilling.
49. Zambia ZMK Kwacha.
50. Zimbabwe ZWD Zimbabwe Dollars.

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