Sable FX (Foreign Exchange)
Sable FX offers a bespoke foreign exchange and remittance service for both personal and corporate clients. Transfers are available worldwide, free of charge and at whole sale exchange rates. Fully compliant and regulated, Sable FX is renowned for beating the banks and saving their clients’ money. If you have any questions or queries cpmplete the enquiry form and a foreign exchange broker will contact you to explain the transfer process. Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions carefully.
Credit Rating: 89/100
Location: Australia, New Zeland and South Africa
Languages: English
1. Great exchange rates
2. No transfer Fees
3. No hidden costs
4. Registration is free with no obligation to trade
5. Personal service with dedicated dealers
6. Free text and email notifications on all transfers
7. Secure online system, accessible 24 hours a day
8. Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) issued by ASIC to deal in foreign exchange
1. No credit card payments
1. Spot transactions
2. Forward transactions

Established: 1994 ASIC - 335126
Spread/Margin: 0.2 – 1% based on volume
Costs/Fees: $0
Rate Improved With Volume: Yes
Transfer Methods: Bank to Bank
Transfer Speed: 1-3 days
Transfer Minimum: $0
Trust Accounts: HSBC Trust Accounts

Online Trading Platform: No
Currency Converter: No

There are no fees for transacting with Sable FX; all standard transfers are free (however there is a “speed” service option, charged at extra cost). Sable FX generates revenue through the spread on exchange rates; which will always beat the banks and competitors. Additionally, Sable FX will attempt to absorb all the bank costs which a currency exchange and international remittance may pick up along the way. This makes the process simpler, cheaper and cleaner for the client.
This works on the same principle as spot deals, the only difference is that Sable FX will lock in a rate for a future date of delivery. To make cash flow easier for the client, Sable FX will be happy to lock in a rate on a deposit (generally 10% or more), which frees the clients cash up until the date of delivery. A margin call may be forthcoming in instances of severe negative rate movements.
Security Statement:
See website for details
Terms and Conditions:
Please see website for T&C’s

Number Of Currencies: 22
Currencies Available:
1. GBP
2. USD
3. EUR
4. NZD
5. AUD
6. ZAR
7. AED
8. CAD
9. CHF
10. CNH
11. CZK
12. GHS
13. HKD
14. INR
15. JPY
16. KES
17. PLN
18. SEK
19. SGD
20. XAF
21. XO
22. ZMK
and more upon request/demand.
Sable FX (Which Way To Pay - 23/1/2012)
Sable FX is ranked 4 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

4 Star Rating

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Sable FX
Sable FX