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A good home insurance policy is absolutely essential if you want to ensure that your home and personal belongings are safely protected. It doesn't matter where you live an urban neighbourhood or rural farm, there are always risks which could affect your property. These may be focused on outward damage from criminals or you may be more exposed to natural damage from weather. The right policy can ensure that you are able to make a claim when you need to, and will cover all of the present dangers. Of course insurance is never a simple topic so it is wise to take your time and compare the offers carefully. Who is offering the best value for money, while also delivering on wide coverage? Use the chart to weigh up the main features of each provider and policy.

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Why do you need Home Insurance?

Unfortunately, no matter where you live or what type of home you live in no one can predict the future. To protect your home and your finances against the unexpected home insurance is necessary. Most people on their own would be unable to pay for losses that can occur from events like burglary, fire, flood or damage from natural disasters or adverse weather conditions. Home insurance protects you from having to pay out a huge amount at once.

What does Home Insurance cover?

You will be able to find insurance that covers any physical damage to the structure of your home caused by events such as fire, subsidence, weather, natural disasters, flooding, explosions and burglary. You can get cover for not only your home but also any outbuildings, gardens, swimming-pools, tennis courts and fences.

You can also get cover for all of the things in your home such as furniture, clothing, electrical equipment and bikes. If you have particular valuables that you want extra protection for you should make sure that they are covered by any insurance policy that you are considering.

How do you find the best Home Insurance policy?

Home insurance can come in number of different forms and the type of policy which is purchased will depend on your specific needs. You should choose a reliable insurance company that you can be sure will offer you a tailor made policy to suit you and provide help and support should you need to make a claim.

To ensure you choose the best insurance policy at the most affordable price, be sure to compare policies from many different providers which you can do in the table above. The exact cost of a home insurance policy will depend on a variety of aspects. Firstly it will depend on the type of cover you purchases and which insurer you choose. Also where you live and the size or type of home you live in will affect how much you will pay.

How to compare home insurance quotes?

When you have decided what type of home insurance you will need you should not only compare the price. The cheapest policy might not necessarily be the most appropriate for you so you must ensure you do your research carefully. What is suitable for your friends and family might not be suitable for you.

Always ensure that you check the excess payments when looking at home insurance quotes. Can you afford to pay the excess should you need to? You can increase or decrease your excess to a certain extent so you must ensure that you are able to pay this should you need to make a claim. You should also make sure that you read the terms and conditions and check for any exclusions which might apply with the home insurance policy.

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