Welcome to our Insurance area. No matter what kind of insurance cover you are looking for we can help you get what you need. It is always worth comparing different insurance companies in order to find the best policy. The prices can vary hugely and some insurance companies can provide much better deals than others. Find the best insurance cover availble today and save money.


Compare Insurance Products

Insurance is a part of most peoples lives in New Zealand. Whether this is compulsory vehicle insurance, home insurance, health, travel insurance or other types – the right insurance cover gives you protection against a variety of risks. Depending on what you want to insure, the insurance company will usually assess what risks you face so that your policy carries a price corresponding to this. Generally, this higher the risk, the more you will be asked to pay. In some cases the insurer may refuse to insure based on risks being too high. For instance, if you drive a car and have claimed a lot on past insurance policies in the past, and carry a criminal record for dangerous driving, you are a far higher risk to the insurer. Most insurance premiums are paid on a monthly, half yearly or annual basis and all policies vary dramatically so it is worth comparing the offers carefully before you make your choice.

Home Insurance

Home insurance is absolutely essential to the majority of people that own a home. But even if you are just renting your property, you can still get an insurance policy to protect yourself against possible events. There are many options which allow you to ensure that your home and its contents are safely insuredagainst a variety of risks, from accidental damage to vandalism/break-ins. Most home insurance policies include sections for natural disasters / bad weather (such as storms, floods, earthquakes and other extreme weather) so that if your home suffers, you can claim.

Health Insurance

Are you tired of waiting around for medical assistance? Private health insurance can provide a far more detailed level of care than public healthcare. Many people rely on the public system for emergencies and while this can be excellent, there are many who prefer additional care and treatment especially for specific medical conditions, or for their children.

Many New Zealanders have private insurance because it means less waiting times even for situations which are not urgent, and the additional factor that you are still entitled to free public health services in and around the country. The options are wide so make sure you compare private health insurance providers carefully, to get the best deal.

Travel Insurance

Heading anywhere nice? Whether you are planning a big family holiday or a backpacking experience, travel insurance is an essential factor to include in your pre-trip to do list! A good travel insurance provider will be able to offer you a range of policies and be able to manage all budgets. So if you are just heading for a quick weekend away or a long-term sports / activity trip, you can get the right level of protection.

Most insurers can also offer domestic cover as well as specialist policies. In addition, you can choose between group or family policies and single cover depending on your individual requirements. While most trips away are worry-free (if planned correctly), things can always go wrong. If you are in an emergency situation and far away from home, it is worth knowing that you can come home safely and quickly or receive the care you need.

Vehicle Insurance

Looking for a good price on your vehicle insurance? There are plenty of great deals to compare, from standard policies to ensure you are able to drive safely on the road, to more specialist cover. Many insurers offer straightforward online applications, so you can get the cover you need as quickly as possible. This is great news for busy people who don’t have time to wait around! Having the right cover is absolutely essential – you could end up in serious trouble with the law if you do not! – and you may want extra protection for yourself, your vehicle and those around you. Take a look around your vehicle insurance options on Which Way To Pay New Zealand today.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a sensible option for many people in New Zealand. Would your family and loved ones be able to cope financially if you were no longer around to provide financial support? What would happen if you suffered an accident/illness that left you unable to earn an income? It may not be pleasant to think about the worst possible scenario – death – but it is wise to make sure that you and your family are protected.

There are plenty of good insurers that offer their packages and policies online, so you can have a good browse around the options and then apply directly. This makes the search for life insurance so much simpler – yet it is worth ensuring that you fully understand each policy. If necessary, seek independent advice or do some background research.

Pet Insurance

Who pays for your cats vet care? What about your dog – he might be your best friend but the costs of looking after him are not always the cheapest! Luckily there are now many competitive pet insurance providers in New Zealand, who can offer you and your pets the right protection. If your pet suffers an accident and needs emergency care, the insurance cover can step in and save you from forking out large amounts of cash. Some pets may be small but vet care can be expensive and if you have a larger animal to care for (such as a horse) you will know only too well how wise pet insurance is.


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