Pinnacle Life (Life Insurance)
Pinnacle Life were the first life insurers in the world to launch an 'instant'service, meaning that the product was brought straight to you, without the compications of examinations and so on. They won an IMA award for their design and set the standard for other online companies. Get insured with one of the top names in Life Insurance!
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
1. Award winning design (IMA award)
2. Paperless process.
3. They pass back substantial savings to you, the customer.
4. A plan for those you leave behind.
5. Get a qhote within one minute!
6. Read the online blog for life insurance related stories and articles.
7. Choose between Life Cover, Cancer Cover, Mortgage Cover or Funeral Cover.
1. You have to be within the age limits (20-69) to apply.
2. Other terms and conditions apply: read policy thoroughly.
A blogging sevice: read up on related issues.

Policy Name: Life Insurance
Policy Cost: Apply for quote
Policy Deductable: Apply for quote

Cover Type: Life Cover.Cancer Cover.Mortgage Cover.Funeral Cover.
Cover Level: Standard
Cover Detail:
Life Insurance details:
1. Pays out a lump sum (the amount you select up to $1 million) if you die.
2. Pays out up to 12 months earlier if you're diagnosed with a terminal illness.
3. The claim is paid to the person who owns the policy.
4. Your payments increase each year as you get older.
5. As long as your payments are up-to-date, your cover continues until you die and we pay your claim.
6. This product is reinsured by Hannover Re, one of the biggest life insurers in the world.
7. Pay monthly, yearly or annually via direct debit, internet banking or credit card.
8. Yearly opportunity to increase your cover.
9. Decrease or cancel your cover at any time.
10. Lowest prices in New Zealand!
11. Fantastic website: clear and informative.
12. You can buy up to $1million cover across your Life

Application Methods: Online
Underwriter: Pinnacle Life
Pay Monthly: Yes

For 20-69's looking for Life Insurance.
1. You must be aged 20 to 69.
2. You must hold a NZ citizen/passport or a NZ residency visa or a NZ work permit.
3. You must live in NZ, Australia, US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong or Singapore.
NZ, Australia, US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong or Singapore.
Switch from an exisiting Life Insurance policy and save up to 20%.

Person Info: Yes
Pinnacle Life (Which Way To Pay NZ - 14/8/2013)
Pinnacle Life is ranked 4 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

4 Star Rating

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