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What is a Money Transfer Service?

Money transfer services (or remittance services) are provided to allow anyone to send small currency transfers around the world.

The money transfer services listed on Which Way To Pay New Zealand are aimed at transfers lower than around $5,000 so if you just need to send some money to family and friends based overseas, or want to pay for something from abroad that costs a few hundred dollars, you can do so in a fast, secure and inexpensive way.

If you want to money tranfer larger amounts of money to an overseas currency, then visit our area for Foreign Exchange – Private Clients.

Sending Money Around the Globe

Remittance services are well known and widely used around the world, but there are many different types of this kind of service – and many different advantages and disadvantages to consider. You may have used instant online transfers, telephone, wire or even those that require you to visit a branch. But which one offers the best value for money – and the best exchange rates?

  • Money Transfer Specialists

This option is fairly new to some people, but does give you the best exchange rates available – meaning a cheaper overall transfer. In addition, you can usually choose from a variety of transfer options (wire, telephone, online).

The services listed on Which Way To Pay New Zealand mostly belong to this category, and are highly trained specialists in the field of global transfer. The transfer is free and no commission is charged (though some may have a minimum transfer amount to guarantee a free transfer). This is also a highly secure method of sending money around the world.

  • The Bank

You can simply go to your local bank and ask them to send money abroad on your behalf. Most banks can do this, and transfer speeds are usually around 5 working days. They can usually send to quite a wide variety of currencies, though they may focus more on the 'currency majors' – the most-used global currencies. Ask what options are available in your bank branch.

  • Branch Service

This option is well known especially by travellers and backpackers. Firms like Western Union are found in many town centres and can offer to send and receive money to many global destinations.

They are useful as neither you nor your recipient require a full bank account to carry out a transfer, but the exchange rates are often poor. In addition, these types of services can be at higher risk of fraudulent activity (such as money laundering) which could disrupt your transfer.

  • Internet Transfer

Purely online transfers are quite popular today, as they are often instant and easy to use. Most of them require that you have a credit card or that the recipient has an account with the same transfer service (such as PayPal).

This option is great for speed, but can lead to errors due to the ease and speed of each transfer. In addition, these are not especially useful if your recipient does not have access to the internet.


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