Welcome to our Money area. Whether you are looking for a safe way of storing your money or even if you are having trouble with mounting debts there are numerous products available which can improve your financial well being. If you want to check your credit score then there are tools availble to help you. Get the best deals and more out of your money by unleashing its full potential.


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Welcome to the Money section of the site. Whether you are looking for a new bank account, a better way to save or are seeking some in-depth debt solutions then this is the area to visit. Managing the everyday costs of living is important to many people in New Zealand. When cash gets tight and debts start to tumble out of control, it is wise to seek debt advice as quickly as possible.

In this area you can find a variety of products and services dedicated to everyday money management. Click directly on the links below if you already know which products you want to compare.

Debt Management

What exactly is debt management? A debt management service specializes in helping you to get out of your debts. They may do this in a variety of ways, from offering confidential advice, negotiating with your creditors and creating a debt plan which is designed to help you repay your debts. Many debt management plans involve simple solutions such as gathering all your debts into one place and being left with one monthly payment, frozen interest and extended repayment terms. All these are aimed at helping you to regain control of your finances and get out of the red.

In order to qualify for debt help you may need to prove a few basics, such as your ID (you must usually be over 18), your residency (must be a resident of New Zealand) and often it is required that you have more than one debt to your name, as well as more than one creditor. These terms do vary however, so it is essential to include this in your comparison.

Savings Accounts

Saving money is important, especially if you want to guarantee money for later in life – whether for yourself or your family. Generally it is encouraged to start saving as early as possible and you can even set up special savings accounts for your children. But which type of account is right for you? There are many to choose from in New Zealand, from fixed term deposits (which offer a fixed interest rate for a certain period of time) to flexible savings accounts, where the interest rate fluctuates.

The type of account you choose should reflect your personal financial circumstances and requirements. Think about how you would like to access the money – would you prefer it to be ‘locked away until the account reaches its full term, or would you like to be able to access the money with immediate effect? These are all factors to consider when comparing savings accounts on Which Way To Pay!

Transaction Accounts

A transaction account is one of the basic requirements in most people’s lives. Whether you need the account to receive your wages or to pay the rent, there are plenty of banks and account providers available in the country. So, which one is right for you? The choice is wide so it is worth spending some time comparing offers. Think about factor such as fees, penalties, accessibility, interest (paid and earned) and any other special features.

If you already have a transaction account, you may be thinking about switching. This is usually possible without problems, though in some cases you may be faced with a fee for switching providers. It is wise to keep looking out for the latest deals and offers, so that you can get the most out of – and for – your money.


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