Ellenco Pet Insurance (Pet Insurance)
Ellenco Pet Insurance provides cover for cats and dogs for things such as veterinary care and cover for both illness and accidents. They give you lots of benefits such as affordable premiums and a fast, efficient service. It has been established since 1990 and is 100% New Zealand owned.
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
1. Ellenco Pet Insurance explains that as pet treatments become more advanced, the prices are also going up as well so all the more reason to get insured.
2. Established since 1990.
3. Choose between cover for cats or dogs.
4. 4 different price plans to choose from (Base/Ultra/Premier/Jade Plans).
5. Straight forward choices of Pet Insurance Plans to suit individual pet owners needs
6. Clear pet health insurance premiums (see up front exactly what you are paying for)
7. Easy to read pet medical insurance policies for cats and dogs
8. Health insurance cover for the lifetime of your pet, subject to annual renewal
9. No minimum excess on each illness or visit (for pets under 5 years of age at time of application)
10. A discount for additional pets Free 14 day look with no obligation Personal service
1. Cover available within New Zealand only.
Ellenco Consultants are available to give you personal service by presenting the different Plans, entitlements and policy exclusions so you have the opportunity of making an informed choice of cover that suits you.

Policy Name: Pet Insurance
Policy Cost: Apply for quote
Policy Deductable: $100 excess

Cover Type: Base/Ultra/Premier/Jade/Surgery Plans
Cover Level: Silver/Bronze (Surgery Plans only)
Cover Detail:
1. Base Plan: Provides up to $4,000 of cover at the rate of 70%.
2. Ultra Plan: Provides up to $6,000 of cover at the rate of 80%.
3. Premier Plan: The Premier Plan provides up to $9,000 cover at the rate of 85%.
4. Jade Plan: The Jade Plan provides up to $9,000 cover at the rate of 85%.
5. Surgery Plan: Bronze/Silver Levels. Bronze provides $1,500 of surgery cover and Silver provides $2,500 of surgical cover.

Application Methods: Online / Phone / Post / Branch
Underwriter: Ellenco Pet Insurance Ltd
Pay Monthly: No

For pet owners looking for cover.
At entry date, if a dog is aged 5 years, a standard excess of 15% applies to all claims.
New Zealand

Pet Info: Cats/Dogs

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