Petmedicare (Pet Insurance)
Petmedicare provides the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that if your pet has an accident or falls ill, you can afford to give them the care they deserve. Many have no idea that if their dog is hit by a car it could cost thousands to treat the resulting injuries. These are unexpected costs that many pet owners have not budgeted for and, unfortunately, some are forced to put their pets down, simply because they cannot afford the necessary treatment.
Location: New Zealand
1. 15 day turn-around on claims;
2. Claim payments direct credited into your bank account;
3. Improved “plain English” policies, in some cases with reduced exclusions;
4. Additional security provided by Pet Protect underwriter IAG, owner of well-known insurance brands State and NZI.
1. You must read the policy wording to see exclusions
15 day turn-around on claims

Policy Name: Petmedicare
Policy Cost: Ask on application
Policy Deductable: $50 or $80

Cover Type: Value, Regular, Extra
Cover Level: Standard - Premier
Cover Detail: Pet Protect has no hidden exclusions – what you see is what you get. For example our Extra Care Plan total cover may only be $6000, but $6000 is exactly what you can claim. The only time we impose a limitation on cover is when your dog requires treatment for cruciate ligament problems. In addition, Pet Protect doesn't artificially distinguish between the cost of diagnosis and the cost of treatment. We treat these items separately, which means you could be able to claim more under one of our policies.

Application Methods: Online, Tel
Underwriter: IAG New Zealand Limited.
Pay Monthly: Yes

If you need cheap pet insurance
Not approve a claim that relates to those conditions that particular breeds have shown a predilection towards, or conditions that can be classified as 'congenital' or 'hereditary'. We will also not insure some 'select breed dogs' over 8 years old (a list of these breeds is also available on our website).
Not approve a claim that relates to those conditions that particular breeds have shown a predilection towards

Pet Info: Dogs and Cats

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