Loaded Prepaid Visa (Pay As You Go Prepaid Card)Visa Card
Loaded is a reloadable prepaid Visa card that you can use in New Zealand, overseas and online - giving you access to more than 29 million Visa retailers and over 1 million ATMs worldwide. So you're in control! Load just what you want to spend and stick to your budget. Once you get a Loaded card you'll be able to download the latest tunes, buy tickets online, top up your mobile phone, use it overseas and lots lots more. Before you apply for this credit card please ensure that you carefully read the terms and conditions.
Location: New Zealand
1. Spend online with the power of Visa, and added security of prepaid, you control the available credit on your card.
2. Accepted worldwide Loaded can be used in New Zealand and overseas - at retailers, ATMs and online - giving you access to more than 29 million Visa retailers and over 1 million ATMs worldwide.
3. Control your spend Loaded is different to a credit card because it's prepaid. You load funds onto it before you can use it, so you can only spend what you've got.
4. Manage your money It's great for flat accounts, workplace expenses or budgeting
5. It's reloadable! When your funds get low you can reload your card via internet banking or at your local PostShop
6. It's accessible Anyone aged 13 or over can apply and it doesn't matter who you bank with 7. Exclusive offers Because Loaded is a Visa card, you can enjoy all the benefits of Visa. Entertainment - giving you access to exclusive offers from some of the world's biggest entertainment brands! Have a look at what's currently on offer.
1. You must be aged 13 or over.
2. If you're 18 or older, you must bring proof of identity. Plus proof of address.
3. $5.00
A top-up-online service.

Card Cost: $16.50
Replacement Cost: $15.00
Monthly Fee: $0.00
Max Balance: $10,000
Purchase Fee: $0
Purchase Fee (INT): $0
ATM Fee: $0.60
ATM Fee (INT): $7.50
Cash Advance Fee: $0
Cash Advance Fee (INT): $7.50
FX Fee: 3.5%

Under 18: Yes
SMS Banking: Yes
Money Share: No
Pay As You Go: Yes

Top Up Methods:

Cost $1.00 for each reload (first one is free). Minimum withdrawal $5. Maximum withdrawal is $5,000 per day.
Loaded Prepaid Visa (Which Way To Pay - 7/2/2013)
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