Reward Credit Cards

A reward credit card offers a credit card with a bit more. Reward credit cards are growingly popular in New Zealand and Australia, because they offer a way of collecting benefits for spending money. By using the card to pay for purchases in certain shops, retailers and services, you could gather valuable bonuses such as air miles, hotel visits, cheaper petrol or shopping vouchers. Use the chart to see what rewards are on offer with each card, but don't just stop there. Check what other features the card has. Can it offer other good benefits, or is the rate high? Will you be charged extra for the beneficial features the card offers? Take your time and when you are ready to make an application, just click on the blue More Info button.

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Earn rewards as you spend with a Reward Credit Card?

What is a Reward Credit Card?

If you want a credit card that can give you additional benefits you might want to consider getting a rewards credit card. With a reward card, not only does the card give you a line of credit, it also gives you many extras and rewards just for using the card. You can earn multiple rewards for your everyday purchases.

What rewards can you earn?

There are a variety of reward programmes on the market. You can earn cash back as you spend or airmiles, hotel discounts and hundreds of other vouchers and offers. With some cards you earn points which you can redeem for any number of rewards from theatre or cinema tickets, gift cards and discounts on fuel. With a rewards credit card you earn every time you spend and so ultimately, the more you spend the bigger the rewards.

Do I qualify?

Some cards may have additional specific eligibility criteria You will usually have to be over 18 to take out a reward credit card. You will also find there can be a minimum income required and you must have a South African bank account and permanent address. t is unlikely that you will be able to take out one of these cards if you have a bad credit history.

What are the risks?

Reward credit cards are best suited to those who use the credit wisely and pay off the balance each month. This is because the interest that you will pay on your outstanding debt can outweigh the value of any reward. You don’t want to end up spending more on fees and interest charges than benefitting from the rewards. These cards can be great for people who are regular shoppers but they are not suited to people who rarely use their credit cards.

Reward credit cards encourage spending because the more you spend the more rewards you will earn so you need to be careful.

Finding the best Reward Credit Card?

Use the table above to search for the right card for you. You can compare offers side by side to determine which card is best for your finances.

Once you have found the card that best suits you, make sure you read the terms and conditions fully.

How to get the most suitable credit card rewards for me?

Do you get rewarded for using your credit card? With a rewards credit card you could earn shopping vouchers, free flights, cash back or supermarket vouchers when you pay for goods or services with your plastic. Reward credit cards are suitable for those that regularly spend on their credit cards and clear their balance every month. You should ask yourself “how frequently will I use the card and how long will it take me to accumulate points?” When you know the answer to these questions you can decide which card is suitable for you.

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