Kiwi Bank Now Account (Transaction Account)
Now account offers EFTPOS and ATM access, phone and internet banking and the full range of services you'd expect in a day to day account. Plus you get access to a cheque book and you can choose exactly how you recieve your monthly statements. You can even apply for an overdraft!
Location: New Zealand
Account Name: Transaction Account
1. Your choice of fee plans, to match the way you bank
2. You can get a Visa Debit Card, which works like a standard ATM/EFTPOS card but can be used online, over the phone, for mail order and overseas
3. Phone, internet and mobile banking
4. Ability to apply for an overdraft
5. Access to a cheque book
6. Smart services such as PayStream, Sweep, Alerts and Mobile top-up
7. Choice of statement options - paper, email or online
8. Use with heaps! our free personal finance software to help track your spending.
1. $5 monthly fee.
2. First five balance enquiries per month free, then $0.50 per balance enquiry
3. An overdraft application will cost you $15 per application.
SMS banking service available.

Interest APY: 0.00% p.a.Interest Gross: 0.00% p.a.
Interest Paid: MonthlyMinimum Income: $0.00
Overdraft Rate: Varies
Banking Charges: $20 Overdraft Fee
Service Charges: $5 per month
Account Access: Online, Branch, Phone
Withdrawal Access: $2,500 per day.

Free Banking: YesDebit Card: Yes
Cheque Guarantee Card: YesStanding Orders: Yes
Direct Debits: YesOverdraft Facility: Yes
Account Manager: Yes

Over 16 years old
Apply for an overdraft-$15 per application.
Introductions and Offers:
Terms and Conditions:
The maximum amount that you can purchase using your ATM/EFTPOS card or Visa Debit Car is $5,000 per day.
Kiwi Bank Now Account (Which Way To Pay NZ - 14/8/2013)
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