1 Cover travel insurance (Travel Insurance)
Market Leaders 1Cover are long established, online travel insurance experts offering a wide range of options to suit all ages. This includes four levels of international travel insurance, single trip or annual travel insurance cover, budget family and group rates, tailored ski and snowboarding policies and cheap domestic cover for New Zealand residents
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
1. Only sell directly to the public
2. You can apply online or over the telephone
3. Save up to 50% on your travel insurance
4. If you pay using your credit card then it only takes 5 minutes to be covered.
5. Get covered in 5 minutes!
1. You must read the policy document carefully to help you understand the different kinds of cover the policy offers. This will provide a clear idea of the actual worth of the insurance policy rather than simply going by price.
2. Some policies have an excess on some levels of cover. This can be removed for an additional $25 per adult travelling on the policy.
3. You may require extra cover for specific high value items
1. See website for all policies

Policy Name: 1 Cover
Policy Cost: From $48.50
Policy Deductable: $100

Cover Type: Overseas/Domestic/Multi Trip
Cover Level: Basic/Essential/Comprehensive
Cover Detail: You can get cover in a range of levels. Pick between Basic, Essential and Comprehensive policies depending on your needs/budget. Choose between Overseas, Domestic, Multi Trip, Visitors, Ski and Corporate policies.

Application Methods: Online/Phone
Underwriter: Allianz New Zealand Ltd
Pay Monthly: No

If you want to save up to 50% on your travel insurance
You must submit all claims within 30 days of your return.
New Zealand.
Purchase a ski policy between now and March 1st 2011 and go into the draw for a custom pair of hand made skis from NZ's world famous Kingswood Skis.

Destination: Worldwide
Duration: Up to 12 months
Personal Liability: $5 million
Overseas Medical Expenses: Unlimited
Overseas Emergency Assistance: Unlimited
Cancellation Cover: Unlimited
Personal Cover: Not available on Basic
1 Cover travel insurance (Which Way To Pay NZ - 26/7/2013)
1 Cover travel insurance is ranked 4 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

4 Star Rating

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