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Going anywhere nice? Whether you are planning a private or business trip, it is essential to ensure you are adequately covered for all the many risks that you face.

What Types of Travel Insurance are there?

Today you can find plenty of extensive and basic travel insurance policies on the New Zealand market choose according to your needs. Generally you can get the following types of travel insurance:

  • Overseas insurance
  • Domestic insurance
  • Single and Multi-Trip
  • Winter Sports skiing and snowboarding
  • Non-residents (visitors to New Zealand)

Therefore no matter if you are a visitor to New Zealand, off on a long-haul trip overseas or just taking a weekend break within the country, you can ensure that you are fully cared for with the right travel insurance policy.

What is Covered?

The level of cover you receive depends largely on what you require and what is offered by the travel insurance company. Try to choose a policy based on your (and if necessary your family's) needs. Some important factors to get cover for include:

  • Lost and stolen baggage
  • Lost and stolen passport
  • Lost and stolen wallet
  • Cancelled trip
  • Medical care
  • Specialist cover for adventure trips / sports trips

You can also receive cover for such events as your airline or travel company going bust but check in advance if this is offered.


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