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Most people use travel insurance regardless of the length of their trip away from home. The right travel cover means that no matter what, you can ensure your safe arrival back home and make a claim if necessary, for events such as lost or stolen baggage. You may also wish to ensure that you are covered medically in case you fall ill or suffer an injury abroad. Some travel insurance providers offer domestic and more specialist cover types, so make sure you have looked at the differences carefully. This will ensure that the policy you do end up purchasing is giving you the right cover and peace of mind! Click on Detail Information if you are looking for a more detailed look at each product. Please make sure that you carefully read the terms and conditions of travel insurance

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Health insurance policy



Cost of policy



What is deductable from policy



Details of cover available



Destinations available for cover



Duration of journey for which you can be covered



The amount up to which you can be covered



Medical insurance cover



Emergency medical insurance cover



Restrictions for applicant


Downunder Insurance

Travel InsuranceFrom $25Varies.Type

Cover Type

Backpacker/Comprehensive/Annual Frequent Traveller


Cover Level

Essentials to Comprehensive


Cover Detail

This travel insurance policy is ideal for those travellers, holiday makers, or even backpackers who want a higher level of cover then the Backpakers (International) Plan.
This Backpackers (International) Plan is good for the backpacker or traveller who wants reasonable levels of cover, including cover for their baggage should it get lost or stolen. This plan is provided at competitive rates for travellers or backpackers 65 years of age or under travelling abroad and is most popular with young travellers going overseas on a working holiday.
Annual Frequent Traveller
The Annual Frequent Traveller travel insurance policy is for anyone wanting to take multiple trips of no longer then 37 days for leisure travel or 90 days for business travel duration, over a 12 month period.

WorldwideUp to 12 months$2,000,000UnlimitedUnlimitedRestrictions


1. You must be under 45 at the date your insurance starts. Please note that if you are under 18 reduced cover will apply to certain sections of the policy
2. You must tell Downunder if you plan to take part in any Special Sport or activity as cover may not be available.

Downunder Insurance
Downunder Worldwide Travel Insurance offers you great quality cheap travel insurance since 1992. The covers range from basic to highly comprehensive, with affordable policies aimed at backpackers and gap year students. DETAIL INFORMATION >>Services


1. 5 different policy types, from Essentials cover right up to Comprehensive cover
2. Your traveller/backpacker policy is specifically designed for young people who are big on adventure. We automatically cover more than 60 hazardous activities at no extra cost
3. Unless your trip will be completed within 1 month of buying this insurance, you have the right to cancel your policy of insurance within 14 days from the date of issue or receipt of your policy terms and conditions, whichever is the later.



1. Overseas extension facility
2. Overseas application facility
3. 60 Adventure Sports
4. 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
5. A "no excess waiver"
6. 100% secure online purchasing
7. Overseas Work covered
8. You can eliminate the standard policy excesses simply by choosing to take out the very popular 'Excess Waiver.'



1. Please check full terms and conditions to see the limitations on cover
2. There are some situations which you are not covered for. These generally involve anything you already know about or that is caused by deliberate or careless acts on your part. Full details of these are given in the policy document

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Get peace of mind while you are away and prepare for the unexpected with Travel Insurance.

The importance of Travel Insurance

If you are planning a holiday or trip abroad making sure you have travel insurance should be a priority before you set off.

Having travel insurance will ensure that you and your belongings are protected. No matter what kind of holiday you are going on or for what reasons it is essential that you are covered by a travel insurance policy to avoid unwanted and unnecessary bills.

What does Travel Insurance cover?

Travel insurance covers you for various accidents or disasters including baggage loss, trip or flight cancellations and delays and medical expenses. Once covered you can enjoy your holiday and fully appreciate being abroad.

What types of Travel Insurance policies are available?

There can be many levels of insurance from standard policies to much more comprehensive ones. You can find policies that cover you for just one trip made within the year or annual insurance for multiple trips made throughout.

If you are going on a holiday that involves extreme sports or dangerous activities then it is especially important you find a travel insurance policy that covers you as in these situations there is more chance of an accident happening and subsequent injury. There are also insurance policies designed especially for backpackers, policies for people taking part winter sports and insurance for those over 65.

Finding the right Travel Insurance policy

When applying for travel insurance, make sure you provide all the necessary details of your trip so that you can get the right policy for you. Researching the travel insurance market and comparing products saves you time and money.

Use the table above to compare different travel insurance providers.

Travel Insurance benefits to watch out for...

As soon as you have decided which travel insurance you require, you should compare the various policies available. When comparing the policies available there are a few features you can look out for which will ensure you are getting the best travel insurance available to suit you.


Compare the price for cancellation and ensure that it will be sufficient to compensate you for the full cost of your holiday. It will already be disappointing to not go on holiday, let alone having to pay for a holiday you will not be going on.

Introductory offers

Many insurers offer discounts or offers to make their cover have that advantage. Although cheap cover is appealing, it is more important that you have sufficient cover. For this reason, you should check out any family or couples discounts so you get sufficient cover at the friendly price!

Lost luggage

Check your policy provides sufficient cover to replace your luggage and you will be compensated financially if your luggage is delayed.

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