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Looking for a superior insurance policy for your car? Need specialist cover for an historic vehicle or your prized motorcycle? Vehicle insurance is not compulsory in New Zealand, as it is in most countries, but you may want additional protection or features such as a 'no claims bonus' or windscreen damage. Currently the only mandatory cover you require is for injury and medical claims that result in an accident that is your fault. While the argument continues as to whether car insurance laws should change, the majority of people get further cover such as third party insurance. Keeping an eye on auto insurance providers is a good way of making sure that you are getting the best for you and your vehicle, you can switch to a better provider where necessary!

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What is Vehicle Insurance?

Vehicle insurance will cover you for any losses that you may have incurred resulting from an accident. Without the insurance if something were to happen to your vehicle you might be unable to afford the repairs or replacements.

What is covered in a Vehicle Insurance policy?

Your policy will define what losses are covered, and the coverage limits. You can get coverage for property, medical expenses and personal liability. If your vehicle is damaged or stolen or medical assistance or legal costs are required vehicle insurance can help you pay for these fees which can be very expensive.

How much will a policy cost?

The cost of vehicle insurance can vary immensely. Not only will it depend on the insurer you choose but also what type of vehicle it is and how old it is. Other aspects which will affect the price will be whether your vehicle has safety features such as alarms and airbags. The level of cover you go for and the length of the policy will also have an effect on your premiums. As the driver your circumstances can affect how much the vehicle insurance will cost. Depending on how old or what sex you are can make different as well. Insurers may also look at whether you have a history of making claims to decide how much to charge you for the cover.

Choosing the right insurance policy

When it comes to vehicle insurance you need to make sure have the right mix of coverage and price. Choose a policy where you can tailor it to suit you and your insurance needs.

Use the table above to find the right insurance policy for you. When deciding on which insurer to go for always check every detail before you sign so you can be sure you are making the best decision for you..

Factors to consider when choosing your vehicle insurance

When you know which vehicle insurance you require, you will need to compare the various policies available. When researching the policies on the market there are a few important factors you can watch out for which will ensure you are getting the best vehicle insurance available to suit you.


Many insurers offer discounts or offers to make their cover have that edge. Although cheap cover is appealing, it is more important that you have sufficient cover for you and your vehicle. Ensure that you check for any introductory offers, free breakdown cover or cash back offers when you are looking into what car insurance to take out.

No claims discount

Protecting your no claims discount is one of the best ways to ensure you premium is reduced when looking at car insurance quotes. If you make a claim, you will find that your car insurance will rocket. Try your best to protect your no claims discount to keep your premium low.

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